Friday, November 21, 2014

Tsu: A Social Network That Pays YOU

I don't make a habit of recommending paying sites I have just joined, particularly a brand new site, but I'm going to make an exception with Tsu.

Tsu (pronounced "Sue") is very similar to Facebook or Twitter with the exception that Tsu keeps 10% of the ad revenue your posts bring in and shares the other 90% with you, the person who invited you, and the person who invited that person.

It may take a little time after joining before you see more than a small amount in your bank, but once you are established, you earn not only off your own posts but the activity of those you refer (your "children") and the users they refer (your "grandchildren"). Once your bank reaches $100, you may request a check. You may also transfer money from your bank to other members or charities.

Admittedly, most people who post casually and have few children in their network will take awhile to reach payout, but when was the last time Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ offered to pay you anything for the revenue you earn them?

Tsu places an emphasis on original content, so please don't post someone else's words or photos as if they were your own.

For me as a writer, Tsu is a wonderful place to promote my writing in the same manner that I do on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ while earning a little extra cash for doing the same thing I do on the corporate giants without being paid for the service I provide to them, and without many of the privacy concerns I have about Facebook and Google. Although I've only had an account a few days, I'm loving it so far.

Once I have had more experience with Tsu, I will do a full review.

Because of the nature of the payment system on Tsu, you must have an invitation to join, so let me be the first to invite you. Come on over and get paid to post! Just click on the link below.

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