Thursday, October 9, 2014

My First Inbox Dollars Payout

After four months, I have finally requested my first payout from Inbox Dollars after reaching $40 in my account.

The minimum payout is actually $30, but when I initially started to request payout at that amount, I was offered the option to save the $3 processing fee by agreeing to wait until $40. The catch was that I had to commit to reaching $40 within 30 days of agreeing.

Initially, with a $5 signup bonus and rewards for joining several of the other websites I currently use, my account built quickly. After leveling off on joining new sites, Inbox Dollars became a slow, steady earner for me. I qualify for occasional surveys, but since most of them only pay in the 50 cent range, I don't bother with many of them. There are not a lot of video options, so most of my earnings average 10-20 cents a day for paid emails and searches. Clearing $10 in a month would necessitate several signup rewards or surveys, and I could not be sure of getting that many. So I decided to wait until closer to $40 to commit, and then I forgot to commit before reaching $40.

When I clicked to redeem at $40.03, I was again offered the option to waive the processing fee by agreeing to reach $50 within 30 days before cashing out. I weighed the benefits of getting my money sooner and achieving gold status (which should allow me to earn more) against saving $3, and opted to go ahead and cash out on October 8.

It was a good choice. I was immediately credited with a $3 payout bonus. I got another $2 bonus for completing a very short survey about my first payout.

Inbox Dollars only offers two payout options: a paper check or a Visa cash card. I chose the Visa card, which is supposed to be processed on October 22, 14 days after requesting payment.

I will do a complete review of Inbox Dollars and it's sister site Send Earnings as soon as I have a chance to evaluate the difference gold status makes on my earnings. In the meantime, I can recommend both of these sites if you are interested in paid email, paid searches, or joining other Get Paid To or Survey sites. I have not personally used the paid to shop opportunities, and I haven't tried paid games, but those are options for those interested in them. They don't pay as well for most surveys as many other sites, but they do pay as well or better than some. They also have all the usual GPT offers typical of sites of this nature.

Inbox Dollars and Send Earnings pay a 10% commission on Qualified Earnings from your referrals. By clicking on the banners below to sign up, I will get a bonus at no cost to you.