Monday, August 25, 2014

SwagBucks TV Review

Watching videos on SwagBucks is hugely popular, and there are several good reasons why. Many sites pay you to watch videos, but they tend to be advertisements, and are very limited in number. At SwagBucks, you can find many of those same ads, but they are usually listed under "Special Offers" or "Encrave".

SwagBucks TV is completely different from the special offer type videos, and offers a huge variety of videos you might actually want to watch from sites such as YouTube and AOL. Categories include entertainment, fashion, music, food, health, news, home & garden, pets (lots of cute animal videos), travel, technology, and some original SwagBucks content. You can earn up to 150 Swag Bucks per day on SwagBucks TV at the rate of three SB per ten videos. This is in addition to any special offer videos and any videos watched on the mobile app.

I have not personally used the mobile app to watch videos, but I have read a number of positive comments by others who seem to be well pleased with their ability to earn Swag Bucks on their phone.

The SwagBucks toolbar has a handy detachable always-on-top window that you can move around to some unused corner of your desktop, making it easy to watch while you do other tasks. I really enjoyed that convenience during the time I had the toolbar installed.

Guest Endorsement

This is Guiness the Cat from the Guiness Blog. I highly recommend the Uzoo and VetVid videos, except I personally don't like the ones that have vets in them.


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