Monday, August 11, 2014

My Review of Bing Rewards

Summary J
Type of site? Paid search
Is Bing Rewards a scam? No
Does Bing Rewards pay? Yes
Do I recommend Bing Rewards? Absolutely
Does Bing Rewards pay cash? No, but you can buy SwagBucks points which can be converted to PayPal.
Does Bing Rewards offer major gift cards?
Is Bing Rewards free to sign up? Yes
Age 13+
Does Bing Rewards require you to download software/app? Optional


Bing Rewards is a one-trick pony, but what it does, it does very well. Bing Rewards pays you to search. That's it. No offers. No signing up for things. No ads to click. No captchas to enter. No junk mail. Just search.

You must be 13 or older to open a Bing Rewards account. Sign-up is free and only requires a Microsoft account (such as a Hotmail or Outlook email). I can safely recommend it for teenagers with parental approval. It would, in fact, be a great way for teens to earn a few dollars in spending money since they most likely will be doing a lot of internet searching anyway, and many of the gift cards available have teen appeal.

Credits are earned at the rate of one credit per two searches up to a maximum of 15 credits a day on a PC and 10 credits a day on a mobile device. Usually there is also one or more special searches available per day for a whole credit each. (Bing Rewards refers to these as "offers", but they are simply bonus searches, not the type of "offers" you find on other Get Paid To sites, which usually require you to sign up for something.) Frequently, and often on weekends, the maximum is increased to 30 credits per day.

One credit is worth approximately one cent. (Slightly less at Member and Silver Status, slightly more at Gold.) $5 gift cards are 525 credits for Silver Members, or 475 for Gold.

Other than a 50 point bonus upon reaching Silver Status and a 500 referral credit if your referral reaches Silver Status within 60 days, that's basically all there is to it. Yes, at a maximum of 16-26 credit’s a day, you won't get rich quick, but it does add up if you consistently search over time. It took me right at two months to reach my first 525 credit redemption, but that was at an average rate of about 14-16 searches a day out of 30 possible on a PC. I have not yet used a mobile device to earn Bing credits.

To reach Silver Status, you must follow the links provided to complete an introductory slideshow. Next, choose a reward as a goal. (You are not obligated to choose that reward when you redeem.) Then earn 200 lifetime credits, at which time you will immediately receive a 50 credit bonus. Once earned, Silver Status is permanent unless you delete your account.

Gold Status requires a first redemption and 750 lifetime credits to reach. After that, you must perform 150 rewardable searches per month, up to 20 per day, to maintain Gold Status or your account will revert to Silver. Gold Status offers a 10% discount toward redeeming rewards.

Bing Rewards does not offer a cash option at this time. They have and a small selection of other gift cards, but they do offer a SwagBuck trade at the rate of 525 (475 for Gold) Bing credits for 500 SwagBucks, which is the equivalent of $5 towards a PayPal deposit.

Bing definitely has the coolest landing page of any search engine I have seen. Can't think of anything to search? Check out the awesome photo of the day on the homepage and click on the suggested search by one of the four squares that appear when you hover over them. From there, you'll find more suggested related searches.

I highly recommend Bing Rewards as an easy way to earn a small amount of extra money for doing something you are probably doing anyway.


(Note: This is my referral link. If you use this link to sign up for Bing Rewards, I will receive 500 credits if you reach Silver Status in your first 60 days. Thank you.)



  1. Looks like I'm out of luck. I don't have any Microsoft accounts like Hotmail or Outlook.

    1. Both Hotmail and Outlook are free accounts. Even if you don't wish to use them for email, one could come in handy as a Microsoft ID.