Monday, August 25, 2014

SwagBucks TV Review

Watching videos on SwagBucks is hugely popular, and there are several good reasons why. Many sites pay you to watch videos, but they tend to be advertisements, and are very limited in number. At SwagBucks, you can find many of those same ads, but they are usually listed under "Special Offers" or "Encrave".

SwagBucks TV is completely different from the special offer type videos, and offers a huge variety of videos you might actually want to watch from sites such as YouTube and AOL. Categories include entertainment, fashion, music, food, health, news, home & garden, pets (lots of cute animal videos), travel, technology, and some original SwagBucks content. You can earn up to 150 Swag Bucks per day on SwagBucks TV at the rate of three SB per ten videos. This is in addition to any special offer videos and any videos watched on the mobile app.

I have not personally used the mobile app to watch videos, but I have read a number of positive comments by others who seem to be well pleased with their ability to earn Swag Bucks on their phone.

The SwagBucks toolbar has a handy detachable always-on-top window that you can move around to some unused corner of your desktop, making it easy to watch while you do other tasks. I really enjoyed that convenience during the time I had the toolbar installed.

Guest Endorsement

This is Guiness the Cat from the Guiness Blog. I highly recommend the Uzoo and VetVid videos, except I personally don't like the ones that have vets in them.


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Friday, August 22, 2014

My Review of SwagBucks

Summary J
Type of site? Get Paid To, Survey
Is SwagBucks a scam? No
Does SwagBucks pay? Yes
Do I recommend SwagBucks? Absolutely
Does SwagBucks pay cash? PayPal
Does SwagBucks offer major gift cards?, Walmart, Target, many others
Is SwagBucks free to sign up? Yes
Age 13+
Does SwagBucks require you to download software/app? Optional

SwagBucks was the first Get Paid To site that I joined, and it quickly became the standard by which I judge all others.

It's very easy to earn money on SwagBucks, and they have a very large variety of ways to do it. Many of them deserve an individual review of their own.

The site is easy to navigate, easy to figure out, and looks appealing.

SwagBucks also has a very large variety of rewards available, including many popular gift cards and PayPal. One Swag Buck (point) is equal to one penny, with a $5 gift card equaling 500 Swag Bucks, although the Amazon $5 card is 450 SwagBucks and other cards may sometimes be "on sale".

As of this writing, I have been with SwagBucks two and a half months and redeemed one $5 Amazon gift card and had $75 deposited into my PayPal account, with most of it coming from easy things, like videos, games, and searches.

How Do You Earn SwagBucks?

Probably the most popular way to earn SwagBucks is by watching videos. They are definitely my favorite way to earn, and when I am on the internet, I usually have a video running.

SwagBucks TV (read my review here), in my opinion, is the main thing (among many) that sets SwagBucks ahead of every other GPT site I have tried. Swag Bucks are awarded at a rate of 3 SB for 10 videos, with a limit of 150 SBs per day, That limit does not include special offers videos or videos watched on the mobile app.

Another favorite of mine is the free games. While SwagBucks has tournaments which you pay Swag Bucks to enter in hopes of winning more Swag Bucks, they also offer SB for playing free games at a rate of 2 SB per two games, up to 10 SB per day. This lets me get my game fix in while I get paid 10 cents for something I'd be wasting time on otherwise, and the 10 SB limit helps me control the amount of time that I spend on games.

SwagBucks also offers paid searching, although they reward differently than other paid search sites. Rather than paying for each search, they reward randomly. I typically get paid 6 to 8 SB at a time, although I have gotten as many as 23 at once. SwagBuck search is powered by Yahoo.

Getting paid to use coupons is another of my favorites. For every coupon that you print and redeem from SwagBucks' link to, you are supposed to get ten SwagBucks. It takes awhile for the payment to come in, though, and there is no way to track it to make sure you get everything you are supposed to. As of this writing, I have had SwagBucks awarded on two separate occasions, once for three coupons, and once for four.

SwagBucks also offers many of the same type things you find on most other GPT sites: cash-back shopping, surveys, a daily poll, a no obligation special offer path, content to watch or read, offers to sign up for information or services (some free, some for which you pay).

Some of the offers are for other Get Paid To, Survey, and Freebie sites, so if you are looking for similar sites to join, I suggest joining SwagBucks, then searching the offers carefully. You could end up getting Swag Bucks for joining another site.

SwagBucks is generous with bonuses. There are daily Swag Codes posted on social media which will earn several SB if entered before they expire. Contests also occasionally provide extra SB.

Then there are the bonuses for reaching your daily goal. Each day, you are assigned two goals, which each have a bonus of 9-10%. Reaching the first goal seven days in a row will earn you a 25 SB bonus. A 14-day streak pays 100 SB, 21 days pays 200, and reaching the goal every day of the month will earn you 300 SB.

The only thing I don't like about the daily goals is that they are based on your activity and creep (and occasionally leap) higher as the month goes by. I can comfortably manage 70-90 SB per day doing the things I normally do, but when my goal jumps up to 110-120, it's very difficult to meet it without a survey (and there is no guarantee of completing a survey). Since I don't do many high-paying offers, it then becomes a matter of spending my whole day trying to earn my goal one or two SB at a time at the expense of more profitable endeavors.

I've changed my SB goal strategy therefore to trying for a 21-day streak and the 200 SB bonus. I then give myself a break from heavy activity on SwagBucks the rest of the month and cut back to just my favorites without worrying if I only make 30 or 40 SB. That seems to adjust the goals I am assigned back to a more comfortable level by the beginning of the next month.

While I really like the bonuses, I do feel that the way the goals are set psychologically hinders me from earning more money on SwagBucks. It makes me hesitant to go far beyond my second goal for fear of bumping up my future goals. If the goals stayed at a set rate, I would feel much more free to earn higher amounts on some days.

Is SwagBucks Right for You?

SwagBucks has such a variety of ways to earn that there is probably something to interest just about anyone who is looking to make a little extra money without a big commitment of time or effort. There is also the potential to earn significantly more if you are willing. Referrals can also be a good source of passive income.

And since SwagBucks offers PayPal payments, you can have cash to pay bills with and not be limited to buying at a specific store. If surveys and GPT activities are something you are interested in, then SwagBucks is definitely a site to consider. If you were only going to join one GPT site, I would recommend it be SwagBucks.

If you would like to join SwagBucks and begin earning easy cash, I would be very appreciative if you would click through my referral link above. Thank you.

If you have any questions about SwagBucks, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will try to answer them for you.

Monday, August 11, 2014

My Review of Bing Rewards

Summary J
Type of site? Paid search
Is Bing Rewards a scam? No
Does Bing Rewards pay? Yes
Do I recommend Bing Rewards? Absolutely
Does Bing Rewards pay cash? No, but you can buy SwagBucks points which can be converted to PayPal.
Does Bing Rewards offer major gift cards?
Is Bing Rewards free to sign up? Yes
Age 13+
Does Bing Rewards require you to download software/app? Optional


Bing Rewards is a one-trick pony, but what it does, it does very well. Bing Rewards pays you to search. That's it. No offers. No signing up for things. No ads to click. No captchas to enter. No junk mail. Just search.

You must be 13 or older to open a Bing Rewards account. Sign-up is free and only requires a Microsoft account (such as a Hotmail or Outlook email). I can safely recommend it for teenagers with parental approval. It would, in fact, be a great way for teens to earn a few dollars in spending money since they most likely will be doing a lot of internet searching anyway, and many of the gift cards available have teen appeal.

Credits are earned at the rate of one credit per two searches up to a maximum of 15 credits a day on a PC and 10 credits a day on a mobile device. Usually there is also one or more special searches available per day for a whole credit each. (Bing Rewards refers to these as "offers", but they are simply bonus searches, not the type of "offers" you find on other Get Paid To sites, which usually require you to sign up for something.) Frequently, and often on weekends, the maximum is increased to 30 credits per day.

One credit is worth approximately one cent. (Slightly less at Member and Silver Status, slightly more at Gold.) $5 gift cards are 525 credits for Silver Members, or 475 for Gold.

Other than a 50 point bonus upon reaching Silver Status and a 500 referral credit if your referral reaches Silver Status within 60 days, that's basically all there is to it. Yes, at a maximum of 16-26 credit’s a day, you won't get rich quick, but it does add up if you consistently search over time. It took me right at two months to reach my first 525 credit redemption, but that was at an average rate of about 14-16 searches a day out of 30 possible on a PC. I have not yet used a mobile device to earn Bing credits.

To reach Silver Status, you must follow the links provided to complete an introductory slideshow. Next, choose a reward as a goal. (You are not obligated to choose that reward when you redeem.) Then earn 200 lifetime credits, at which time you will immediately receive a 50 credit bonus. Once earned, Silver Status is permanent unless you delete your account.

Gold Status requires a first redemption and 750 lifetime credits to reach. After that, you must perform 150 rewardable searches per month, up to 20 per day, to maintain Gold Status or your account will revert to Silver. Gold Status offers a 10% discount toward redeeming rewards.

Bing Rewards does not offer a cash option at this time. They have and a small selection of other gift cards, but they do offer a SwagBuck trade at the rate of 525 (475 for Gold) Bing credits for 500 SwagBucks, which is the equivalent of $5 towards a PayPal deposit.

Bing definitely has the coolest landing page of any search engine I have seen. Can't think of anything to search? Check out the awesome photo of the day on the homepage and click on the suggested search by one of the four squares that appear when you hover over them. From there, you'll find more suggested related searches.

I highly recommend Bing Rewards as an easy way to earn a small amount of extra money for doing something you are probably doing anyway.


(Note: This is my referral link. If you use this link to sign up for Bing Rewards, I will receive 500 credits if you reach Silver Status in your first 60 days. Thank you.)