Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How I Became an Online Earner

I have been a writer all my life.

I just never got paid for it until 2013.

Taking the plunge that spring with my first blog, I began the process of trying to figure out ways to make money writing online. That process led first to writing sites, but it is very difficult to make a living writing online, or at least not without a steady reader base and a large portfolio of online content.

And that takes time. I needed money now.

I enjoy the freedom of working for myself and the flexibility that writing online offers and I enjoy working from home, so the next logical step for supplemental income was other online opportunities. A search for potential online earning that would (1) supplement but not interfere with my writing, and (2) allow me the freedom to pick and choose what I wanted and how much time I wanted to devote to it led me to survey and "Get Paid To" sites.

This blog will chronicle my journey into my online work. I don't claim to be an expert about any of the topics I share. I'm simply sharing what I've learned and what I think. This is what has, and hasn't, worked for me. It might or might not work for you.

It's an ongoing process. I'm still learning, but what I'm learning I'm happy to share.

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